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Welcome back again to your weekly edition of the Top Ten Tweets of the Week. This week features a tough 7 days for Lance Armstrong, encouraging words, humorous ideas and pure randomness.

Keyword blocking - this can be one of the most effective ways to block WordPress spam. You will eliminate spam merely by banning names of well-liked prescribed drugs or on line casino video games etc. for instance, "ed trial pack".

What the hell was this? A digital brief gone bad? Tracy Morgan seems as an astronaut who sings a song and then lands on a earth where he sees an alien woman performed by Andy Samburg. As Samburg delivers his traces, Morgan seems to be mumbling nonsense. An absolutely terrible sketch. Maybe the worst of the season.

COMEDY EXAMINER'S "BEST Links OF THE 7 days": YOU KNOW, JUST IN Situation YOU Missed Something-- In which we collect together the leading eleven hyperlinks from the past week right here at the Comedy Examiner's Office. Basically, it's a shortcut to hilarity. Or the ridicule of Jay Leno. Was that redundant? Just click on website the link, then click on the other links.

It's fairly easy to place it. Each time someone posts a remark on my weblog I'm getting an email with a discover (I don't remember if that's default, but there's an option for it in the options menu, just look for it and you'll discover it). Since my email is driven by yahoo, I see the html because yahoo transforms it into regular textual content (for the same purposes, html is not permitted if not correctly set) and I can see it's spam.

FACT: Study shows that 85-95%twenty five of users start at a lookup engine to find what they're searching for. As a website owner, it's worth investing a little time to understand how lookup engines work. Whilst competition for leading positions can be extreme, a high rating on a major lookup motor can drive significant amounts of visitors to your website.

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8) T: It's true that Hefner created an X-rated version of Shakespeare's "MacBeth" that was directed by Roman Polanski. The critics, nevertheless, assailed the movie more for its violence than its sexual content material.

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